Getting creative… arty and design(y)
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Getting creative… arty and design(y)

Creativity is all about seeing things from a new perspective.  It’s the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness. It’s an opportunity to have complete freedom to do whatever you want. For a designer, we would call it an open brief!

As a graphic designer of 20+ years this is the dream, right? No rules… be free, get creative, trust the process. For me to develop my designs in a new direction, I felt I needed to dust off my inner artist.

I read somewhere Art Asks, Design Answers. Maybe art is more creative as it has fewer rules, its role is to inspire. Perhaps design is more practical as it is there to fill a need. For me, I feel they are intrinsically connected. Any good artist is designing their work. Any good designer has an art to their work. Yet… every designer knows that each project begins with a problem to be solved. We design to make people’s lives
better/easier in ways they don’t necessarily see or appreciate. We need the creativity and free-flowing thought that comes with the artistic process, as well as the direction and collaboration of design.

There is something in this quote for me “Art is the initial concept and often the end result. Design is what happens in between”

Check out this article by John O’Nolan sheds more light on the great debate.

Pep talk to self: Dig deep and believe in what you know and seek to understand who you’re designing for. Push yourself out of comfort zone, re-invent, experiment, expand. Creating our INK IT wall planner was certainly all that and more for me!

Watch this space.

Do you have a quote that resonates with your inner artist?

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