The ART of forming good habits
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The ART of forming good habits

It is well documented that if you can implement an effective system that keeps you well organized, and it is something you rely on and use daily, you will be in a great position to change from a world of chaos to a world of calm very quickly.

Great - so how do I do that? ...I hear you say.

We have put together a list of our favorite articles on exactly this topic!.

We treat organization as a form of 'art' because it can be really tricky and certainly is not always easy. Yes, you have to focus, but trust us - it's worth all the effort.

Before you can begin to work on forming any new habit, consider why you are doing it... whats your end goal?. Figure out exactly what you hope to accomplish. Make sure that it is specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-bound (the SMART system).

James Clear has a great article on ways to form new habits. He refers to how we can transform four steps (listed below) into a practical framework that we can use to design good habits.

He calls it "The Four Laws of Behaviour Change", and it provides a simple set of rules for creating good habits and breaking bad ones. Its a really insightful article.

James says "You can think of each law as a lever that influences human behavior. When the levers are in the right positions, creating good habits is effortless. When they are in the wrong positions, it is nearly impossible."

How to Create a Good Habit

- The 1st law (Cue) Make it obvious

- The 2nd law (Craving) Make it attractive

- The 3rd law (Response) Make it easy

- The 4th law (Reward) Make it satisfying

 We highly recommend reading the entire article HERE

Elizabeth Larkin also put a great little article together on how to stay organized on a DAILY basis.

Elizabeth puts "being more organized" down to any combination of the following.

- Knowing where everything you need is, the moment you need it.

- Arriving places on time.

- Being prepared.

- Feeling like you're in control of your day. 

"You might not be able to feel 100 percent organized every minute of every day, but by forming good organizational habits and establishing a solid daily routine, you can definitely feel more organized, most of the time" - Elizabeth Larkin.


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