"Palm Paradise" 2021 Wall Calendar

"Palm Paradise" 2021 Wall Calendar

$49.95 $59.95

A stunning 2021 wall calendar. Over 60cm tall and 42cm wide (A2 paper), it is intricately designed and made with 100% ECO friendly materials.

Super easy to install and you can change the artwork as often as I like! Keep the frame and swap the art. 

100% recycled paper using traditional offset presses and vegetable-based inks. Premium-quality, environmentally responsible printing.

100% maple wood, each with unique grain variations. Keep this beauty forever and change the designer prints as you please. Framing made easy, beautiful, and ethical.

100% Australian cotton with no chemicals or lead. Cotton is a renewable material that will safety biodegrade.

Easy hang from the 'keyhole' slot in the top timber hanger onto a screw/nail/hook (not supplied). Or if you rent or don’t want to damage the wall, we’ve included removable 3M Command velcro strips!