INK IT 2023 Re-fill

INK IT 2023 Re-fill


Introducing our new 2023 INK IT. All the same elements you love in your ULTIMATE organisation station.

This is the re-fill pack only.

INK IT wall holder – re-use again :)

Yearly Calendar - forward planning at a glance.

Monthly Planning Boards - clear, versatile planner boards enabling individualized schedules for up to 6 people or tasks, displayed on beautifully thick reversible cards.

Daily Tear Off Note Pad - for the high frequency lists and reminders a busy environment requires. Dimensions - 340mm wide x 550mm high.

Simple & Sustainable - Designed to last. Each year, we send replenish kit reminders. Keep your INK IT wall holder, re-cycle last years paper elements and replace with next years. It's that simple. 

INK IT - so you don’t forget it, avoid it, miss it or double book it!